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Subfloor test Case

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Fully equipped for testing the subfloor and for all moisture tests in preparation for the CCM measurement.
Thermohygrometer LVT15 IR: The LVT 15 can be used for measurements of the air temperature, the surface temperature and the relative humidity (RH) as well as to calculate the dew point.
Screed moisture indicator: For measurement of moisture content of screed, gypsum, cement and wood.
Subfloor strength tester: Used to assess the strength of the floor.
Useful tools such as the measuring wedge, hammer and wire brush.
Set consist of:
• Thermohygrometer LVT15 IR
• Screed moisture indicator GM-200
• Subfloor strength tester
• Measuring wedge
• Hammer
• Wire brush
• Carrying case

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