The bridge is an essential location on a ship. Its where the ship is steered from, what could be more vital? The diverse instruments here ensure that the ship safely makes it to its final port of call. The bridge is also where the flooring endures a lot of wear and tear. It’s more likely to have contact with water, and people often cross it wearing safety footwear. Which IMO certified flooring is the best for a bridge?  

From high to low 

On ships, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a computer elevation on the bridge. This elevation conceals all of the equipment cables and cords, so it’s less convenient to cover this with flooring that impedes access. That’s why carpet tiles are a good solution for a computer elevation. They’re always easy to move!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles 

Carpet tiles not quite what youre after? Consider the Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection from Amtico Marine. This collection offers premium designs that allow you to create something completely to your liking. Manufactured according to the highest safety standards, Luxury Vinyl Tiles give the look of real wood. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are widely used on the bridges of cruise ships, super yachts and river cruise vessels. 

Sturdy, robust and natural material 

The Norament 920 collection is suitable for designs that revolve around sturdy and robust materials. This rubber flooring features studs that provide extra grip and safety on the bridge. The Norament 920 collection is partly made from natural materials.  

Complete your design 

Considering the best flooringfor the bridge? See our webshop for all the necessary information and technical specifications. You can also request a sample from our webshopso you can feel and experience the product.