Safety first! Especially in the control and engine rooms. All the different machines and electronic equipment are stored here, so these areas require a secure and solid floor covering that providesasafe working environment for your employees. Were happy to inform you about all the various options, but, for control and engine rooms, our experts only recommend one product. 

Certified and safe 

Were talking about the high-quality flooring from the Norament 920 collection of Nora. Free of plasticizers and halogens, this flooring has a long service life, issuitable for very heavy traffic and is very safe thanks to its advanced fire-retardant properties. This flooring is also: 

- IMO and SOLAS certified
- compliant with ASTM E136
- compliant with Class “A” ASTM E84
- suitable for use in egress areas above 22.8 meters, according to the international building code (IBC)


Fire retardant and anti-static specifications  

When it comes to the flooring for control and engine rooms, safety is priority number one. The Norament 920 flooring ensures the utmost safety. The sturdy rubber flooring comes standard in colors like stone gray, dust gray, azure blue, blue and peacock teal. 

Choosing safe flooring 

So, in our opinion, there is only one floorcovering that belongs in a control or engine room. We can imagine you’d like to see the flooring first. It’s a snap to request a product sample from our webshop 

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