A wet area on board requires extra attention. Are you busy working on a suitable interior design, but wondering which product is best to use for the floor? The most important thing is that the floor is waterproof. A floor that is best used in a wet room is a resin floor. This flooring solution has no seams and is 100% waterproof.

Maintenance-friendly resin floor

Sikafloor Marine 530, 570 or 590 are our best-selling products for wet areas and we certainly recommend using them. The use of a resin floor system ensures that the floor is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Good to know: the floors from the Sikafloor Marine collection are all IMO certified .

Vinyl for extra anti-slip

Another option is a floor with a little more grip and a small pattern from the Granit Multisafe collection. These floors are made of vinyl and have a non-slip layer and a studded structure that provides more grip. Due to the studs, you have to take into account that the floor is not completely level and it's therefore a little more difficult to clean.

Floors without seams

With both the Sikafloor Marine resin floors and the Granit Multisafe vinyl floors, you will not be bothered by seams. Ideal for a wet room. After all, seams can let water through, and especially in a wet area, it's nice to be sure it's waterproof.

Choose the floor for a wet area

All our products are produced in Western Europe. This means you don't have to worry about the quality. When choosing the right floor for your project, always think about the maintenance plan. Have we inspired you and would you like to request a sample of the products? This is easy with an account in our webshop.

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