Corridors are arguably one of the most used spaces on a ship. A corridor provides a connection to the other spaces and their respective accessibility. When there is a fire or other calamity on board, a safe corridor is crucial. The floor also plays an important role in this. Have you already thought about what your interior design of the corridors will look like?

Fire retardant carpet in the corridors

For a corridor on a cruise ship, river cruise or superyacht, you often see carpet in the corridors. You just can't use any type of carpet for this. It's critical that they comply with PART 3 and 5 of the IMO certificate. This means that the carpet floors are fire retardant. The carpets from the Axminster and Flotex FR collection are good choices for use as a floor covering in a corridor. The Axminster carpet is available in four designs that are in stock as standard. Flotex FR has included more than 90 designs in the collection. This ensures that you have a lot of choice in finding the carpet that suits your interior design.

Custom design

A floor covering should have functionality that suits the room and its use. However, it should also fit in with the design you have in mind. How cool would it be to design a floor covering yourself? The carpet floors from Axminster and Flotex FR both allow you to design them yourself. Keep in mind that the creation of your own design is always a longer process. You can thus not apply the floor directly in the ship.

Entryway carpet for tidy-looking corridors

You want nothing more than to keep the corridors clean. Carpet can, of course, absorb some dirt. We therefore recommend that you use the Coral Marine entrance carpet for high-traffic areas. You use this only in the first section and then let it flow into another floor solution. The entryway carpet from Coral Marine is durable, strong, and resistant to dirt. By using entryway carpet, you keep the other floors on board cleaner.

Corridors on offshore vessels

Entryway carpet is also a good option for offshore vessels. You are less likely to see carpets in the corridors of offshore ships. It is better to use a PVC flooring here. The floors from the iQ Granit collection are regularly used in the corridors of offshore ships.

All flooring systems are available

Windeck has all the products that you need to make a complete floor system. They can be found in the online shop. You can be assured of high quality. All our products are produced in Western Europe. Prefer to see the floor for yourself first? In our webshop, you can easily request a sample with an account.

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