Stairs connect the floors on ships and must be safe to use. When you are working on the interior design for a staircase it is important to look at which is the most suitable type of flooring for this space. Are you curious about which floor covering suits your project best? That works out well! Our experts will tell you all about it.

Vinyl stairs

You can cover stairs with carpet, but vinyl is also a suitable floor covering. Vinyl is available in a width of two meters, so that you do not get unsightly seams if the stairs are wider. Thinking about using Luxury Vinyl Tiles? We do not recommend using these on stairs. They are good for public areas , the bridge or cabins.

A firm grip with rubber

We also recommend a rubber floor covering as staircase covering. Consider using the Norament 920 collection of flooring. This collection consists of no less than five different colours. The advantage of this collection is that it is available in ready-made stairtreads, such as the Norament 920 Stairtread Dust Grey . Did you have a slightly more playful floor in mind? Or do you want to make the stairs stand out with a color that fits in perfectly with your color palette? Maybe you should consider the Noraplan collection. With subtle motifs, you choose the color that best matches the design you have in mind.

Vinyl VS Rubber

We know what your next question will be: which material is better? Should you choose vinyl or rubber? Our advice: it doesn't matter which material you choose. Vinyl and rubber are both floor coverings that are commonly used for stairs. The difference is in the small details. For example, rubber is suitable for heavy duty, but vinyl is easier to clean.

Ordering floor covering for a staircase

All the flooring in our webshop is IMO certified. You can read more (technical) information about the different floors in the product section of our webshop. You can also easily request a sample of a floor covering in our webshop.