UZIN KR 410 - 10 kg

All areas
Fire resistant
UZIN KR 410 PU levelling compound is a 2-component, solvent-free and water-free, elastic, curing levelling compound based on polyurethane resins. Glue as a substrate for subsequent gluing of floor finishes with 2C-Polyurethane. Due to the extremely high adhesion to all types of substrates, no primer is necessary to level with UZIN KR 410 PU levelling. UZIN KR 410 PU levelling compound is suitable for levelling deformable, highly sensitive and/or mechanically loaded substrates. Mixed UZIN KR 410 PU levelling compound is very well formed, fast curing and forms an elastic, non-absorbent levelling compound with very high adhesion. 1.6 kg/m² per mm thickness. See product data sheet for more information. This product is not IMO-certified.