Ultra-Light Floating Floor

Meet the brand-new Sikafloor Marine Ultra-Light Floating Floor, a revolutionary new flooring solution that is based on highly sophisticated, reusable technology never been seen before in the marine business. 

How does the Floating Floor work?

A "Floating Floor" is applied on insulation with no connection to the super-structure of the strip, which means pipe penetrations, columns foundations for machinery, etc. must be disconnected from the structure. 

The acoustic performance comes from the mass and spring concept, where the insulation is the spring, and the lop layer the mass. 

The Sikafloor Marine Ultra-Light Floating Floor is designed to offer you: 

  • Significant weight savings of 24 kg/m2
  • High savings in energy and fuel consumption
  • A60 fire rated floor
  • Suitable for heavy loading: Loaded with 2,500 kg/m2
  • Acoustic performance fully documented
  • Including documented Visco Elastic solution
  • No VOC, No EH&S issues
  • Easy processing and fast to install, reducing labor costs and time on site
  • 100% recyclable flooring panels
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof, flexible membrane layer
  • Certification according to IMO/SOLAS, EC-Type examination Certificate, Wheelmark MED-B and -D and US Coast Guard

Interested in more? 

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